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The stretch ceilings had been used at antique times. In those days a wet linen cloth was simply stretched between walls and after it dried up, the ceiling looked straight and smooth. In the Middle Ages this technology was forgotten.

In XX century in Sweden it was renewed and improved. Then the stretch ceilings were generally recognized and gained wide popularity in Western Europe.

 The modern stretch ceiling has the following attractive characteristics:

  • PVC - film that ceilings are made of - is echo friendly;
  • PVC has the same fire rate as drywall , it is certified;
  • made of non-toxic material;
  • water resistant, mold free;
  • ​can be used instead of drywall in new construction projects;
  • can be installed over existing ceiling in renovation, no need to remove drywall or other ceiling material;
  • installation for a 400 sq ft room usually takes one business day;
  • fast and clean installation, furniture and fixtures can stay in place;
  • wide range of colors, textures and finishes;
  • possibilities to use any print;
  • possibility to implement any design;  2-4 levels ceilings , curved or straight shape;
  • antistatic, does not attract dust;
  • does not request any crack filling and painting;
  • durable, does not rot  or decoy;
  • easy to look after, just wipe it  with wet cloth;
  • 25 years warranty