Application Range


Stretch ceiling material is available in many finishes, textures and huge color varieties. 

Matte              -  has appearance of a flawlessly painted surface, great for classic style design, wide range of colors;

Satin               -   adds a soft light reflection, creates stylish  interior, wide range of soft pastel colors;

Glossy            -   creates a mirror reflection, visually enlarges any room ; looks attractive in combination with                                          lights, wide range of colors;

Translucent   - might be used for lighting applications; diffuse and softens the light; if used for printing, it                                           enhances any printed image;

Acoustic         - reduces the intensity of sound waves by absorbing through small perforations on its surface;

Decor              - smooth fabric material could be used for wall applications as well as for ceiling; it is ideal for                                        graphic print;

Special           - includes other finishes such as bronze, metallic, pearl, etc.; can be used for decorative accents in                                design.​

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