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Photo Print

Another innovative product in our “Art Collection” is printed stretch ceiling. Many designers have adopted printing for implementing  remarkable and ambitious ideas while creating unique interiors. Industry standard  printing equipment supports image application up to 3.2 m wide and is not limited by length. 

Using this technology a home owner or a business owner could realize any daring idea in design and create a special and unique house, office, restaurant, bar etc  You can print almost any image. High resolution is the only one requirement for the image, the same as for printing posters. Huge images selection might be chosen from such website as or

Style, glamour and individuality are the byproduct of this technology. Select the image that will create a favorable atmosphere, charging with positive energy people who live inside or come for a visit. There is a lot of advices – well supported by Psychology nowadays- how to select color/design/image to fit your personality or compliment your business.  Properly selected patterns may visually transform the room.  In addition, please note that you have the opportunity to create various combinations , making a unique and individual composition. 

It is hard to describe how much joy can give you a little piece of art on a ceiling!